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We love our sunshine here in North Queensland, but sometimes it’s a bit much.

It can get really HOT!

And when you look around your home and contemplate how faded the drapes, furniture and floor coverings will become over time because of damaging UV rays, it makes you wonder if there’s something you can do to protect this investment.

Yes there is!

Lock out these problems with superior window tinting film supplied and carefully installed by the locals – Lock Tint.

residential tintFor example, our range of window films cuts down internal reflection to deliver sensational views night and day. Imagine having a panoramic view of the countryside or the water and not be able to see it clearly at night.  For those inside looking out, instead of reflecting your image and that of the furniture, distorting the view, our film gives a clear vista.

We live in a beautiful area, but every cyclone season we also wonder how our home will stand up.  The application of film to your home’s windows adds a layer of protection from flying debris.  Even if the window breaks, it is less likely to be pierced, thus letting in destructive wind.  This benefit also applies in the unfortunately increasing likelihood of vandalism.

ShadesYou will also enjoy greater privacy, as most grades of film make it harder to see into your home.

Lower heat entry means lower cooling costs as well.  We’re all trying to manage our expenses these days.  It will be nice to get a welcome surprise with your lower electricity bill.

Call Paul Lock now, and he will bring samples for you to compare right there in your home.  Paul is the kind of person who is also careful of your things… you can be confident that after the Lock Tint treatment you can be even more proud of your home’s appearance.

You can call now – 0427 912 369